Terms of Use

The data presented here can be used freely and we just request that you cite the Iranome database as the data source. Before the original paper on the database is published, please use the abstract accepted in ASHG-2017 Annual Meeting for the citation as follows:

Akbari MR, Fattahi Z, Beheshtian M, Mohseni M, Poustchi H, Sellars E, Nezhadi H, Amini A, Arzhangi S, Jalalvand K, Jamali P, Davarnia B, Nikuei P, Oladnabi M, Mohammadzadeh A, Zohrehvand E, Shamsi-Gooshki E, Börno S, Timmermann B, Najafipour R, Khorram Khorshid HR, Kahrizi K, Najmabadi H. Iranome: A human genome variation database of eight major ethnic groups that live in Iran and neighboring countries in the Middle East. ASHG Annual Meeting, October 2017, Orlando-USA.